Timeless Opulence featuring at The Home Decor Expo 2021

Timeless Opulence at the Home Decor Expo in Fourways

The Roaring Twenty Twenties - From the onset, this unique space surprises with a fresh approach to colour and a unique under­standing of previous art movements to inspire our everyday life. The design elements work har­moniously to ensure an environment that can be used for work and play. Perhaps, in a time when our society is faced with uncertainty about our future, the best remedy is to look at what was achieved in the past. This apartment pays beautiful homage to the Art Deco movement, but in a refreshingly modern manner.

Timeless Opulence - Home Decor Expo with HoussDesigner Mongezi Chirwa from Timeless Opulence embraced the opportunity to work with a blank canvass:

"This project gave designers carte blanche, and I love working with an open space and an open mind. It unlocks your creativity, and having the freedom to take direction can be very liberating ... you are basically designing the space for yourself' said Chirwa.

The theme he selected for this apartment was 'lnstagram-able Moments'. "Over the past year, many of us have found ourselves spending more-and-more time at home. I wanted the space to accommodate these unique times we find ourselves in" says Chirwa. Despite the fact that he did not have a specific client to accommodate in this show unit, Chirwa made a conscious decision to make the space as livable as possible, as that was extremely important to his overall vision. "A beautiful home is unfiltered. My aim was to create the type of apartment that would allow one to create memories and capture great images without having to worry about the background. This is particularly important for people working remotely and finding themselves having to take Zoom calls throughout the day".

The aesthetic of this apartment is not only beautiful, but functional as well. A selection of furniture with multiple purposes was effortlessly worked into the space. The rich palette of colours that Chirwa used, play a functional role too; "I made use of the colour green in the bedroom because green is such a calming and peaceful colour. The bedroom is where you start and end your day, so the energy in that room is extremely important." The distinguishing features like the bed in the master bedroom and beautiful velvet couch in the lounge are symbols of pure elegance - and it has become the signature stamp of Timeless Opulence. Clean shapes and geometric forms flow seamlessly throughout the apartment. "As a bespoke manufacturing company you want to partner with the best. All bedrooms we design at Timeless Opulence come with a Sloom mattress because we want quality for our customers and work with brands that feel the same way." Among the style influences are the design principals from Art Nouveau, Bauhaus and Cubism movements.

This unit clearly has a dramatic, cinematic look-and-feel. It is said that 'art is the reflection of the times' and exactly one hundred years after the Art Deco movement, Chirwa has given a small nod to the Roaring Twenties.